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There are some great Gut Health reads out there.  Here are a couple of our recommendations.  If you’ve got some then do let us know…

Fermented Food and Italian Cookery

We so enjoyed reading the article in the Gambero Rosso Magazine about how really amazing Italian Chefs are using fermented foods in their restaurants.  There is such a powerful food culture in Italy, it’s great to understand how these food experts believe fermentation can enhance ingredients to make them healthier and importantly more flavourful.

You can download the full magazine here, the relevant article is from page 41.  Just click on the link below, and again on the link on the next page. Gambero Rosso Wine Travel Food Sept 17

The story covers how fermentation was common in Italy before refrigeration was invented and where climates did not permit fresh ingredients during many months of the year. However, it wasn’t so much grandmothers’ recipes that brought fermentation on to centre
stage recently – this is more due to the young, curious, creative interpreters of the New Nordic Cuisine. Now, thanks to them, many Mediterranean cooks are rediscovering these archaic tools.

With recipes, suggestions and lots of ideas this is a fabulous read.  Highly recommended!


This book is by skincare and health guru Liz Earle. It is quite beautiful with lovely photography and good illustrations. My favourite section is the recipes – there are some great ones here for gut-health staples like Keffir, Kimichi and other fermented veg.


We love this book – Dr Mike Mosley is a real expert. He explains ‘how to revolutionise your body from the inside out’ with loads of facts, proven ways to help control your appetite and recipes, eating plans and more. The website also features tonnes of information and link to a handy ‘clever guts’ app.

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We always look to YouTube for the latest videos on Gut Health.  Here are some of our favourites.  We’d love to know yours too…

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