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The last of our kits...

We started our journey with kits that helped people make their own healthy granola quickly and easily.  Whilst we have some customers that totally love them there is just not enough of you.  So now that we have developed our super healthy granola in plastic free packaging we are withdrawing our kits.  We hope you understand! The recipe of the ready to eat granola is roughly the same as the kits; using chicory root fibre as the binder which adds a little sweetness and is completely natural, plant based and packed with prebiotics to keep your gut bacteria nourished too. We have a few kits remaining, get them whilst you can!

Free Tin

For a limited time only, we will be giving away a handy Troo Granola with every order over £20 (excl. postage). Don’t miss your chance to get one of these; so handy for taking your home made granola to work!

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