Troo Granola Toasting Kit Seedy

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Our stonking blockbuster super food granola kit – all the dry ingredients and a measuring pot; you just add your choice and quantity of sweetener and oil.



Make your own healthy granola at home quickly and easily with no mess, no fuss. Experience the roasty, toasty smell of fresh granola wafting through your house….trooly scrumptious!

You control the amount of sugar and oil that goes into your granola.  We usually use Honey and Sunflower Oil, but there are so many other options.  Agave, Date or Maple Syrup; Coconut sugar; Stevia or powdered Inulin with Olive, Walnut or Rapeseed oil.  Mash up a banana or a roasted sweet potato – there are more recipes and inspiration here.

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Weight 450 g


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