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Thank you for your interest in TrooFoods, we’re delighted you’ve come to find our more about us.  We believe there are 5 reasons to work with us:


Trooly healthy delicious products

All of our products have been especially developed to be gut healthy and provide the maximum nutritional value without compromising on taste.  Our recipes are vetted by an independent nutritionist to tick the health boxes and then tasted by many harsh critics to make sure they are blooming scrumptious too, always.

We are so confident in our products that we offer a sale or return policy with every first order, a no quibble guarantee.

No fake news, honest & troo

In the health food world there is sadly quite a lot of pseudo health guff out there.  This is NOT us.  We’re just as we say we are; TROO.  We use 100% natural ingredients, no dodgy additives or preservatives, just honest goodness. We manufacture in the UK and use beautiful British gluten free oats. Simple really.

Fantastic food for everyone

One of the best parts of our work is meeting people who really love our products.  This is especially touching when we meet those with restricted diets.  We  really enjoy making food that diabetics, those with a gluten intolerance; vegans etc can get stuck into without any worries.  So heart-warming.

We take it personally

We pride ourselves in being straight forward to deal with.  We’re a no nonsense,  say it as it is kind of team.  The aim is to deliver great, personal service every time and have a bit of fun along the way.  If this isn’t happening we want to know…

Going the extra mile

We want to help you succeed with our products and are keen to get involved in your activities.  We can also help you develop and launch specific events for your customers. From social media to tastings to fairs and festivals, we’d love to help.

You can read more about this in the Product Brochure below.

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